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House Flipping Budget Worksheet

Whether doing a house flip or renovation, it's generally understood that you'll spend 20% more than you anticipate, and since knowing is half the battle, you'll be 50% more prepared for your project. The other way to properly prepare for a project is by planning. Hence the reason we have this section on budgeting.

Below you'll find various interactive budget calculators which will help in areas such as determining a flip's profitability to managing a flip's budget. Use these planning tools as a general guide and have fun with them. We dare you not to go over budget!

Budget Worksheets

House Flipping Renovation Calculator
House Flipping Price Per Square Foot Calculator

House Flipping Profitability and Break-Even Calculator

Investment Details
Purchase Price $
Estimated Reno Spend $
Insurance Fees  $  %
Desired Selling Price $
Realtor Fees  $  %
Profit/Loss Details
Break-Even Flip Price $

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