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Buying a Flip House

Once you’ve researched the market, making a purchase is the most exhilarating part of the home flipping process, other than selling your flip. Yet before you experience the rush of buying a flip house, there are a number of purchasing options at your fingertips that could vary your profit margin.

In this next section, we’ll shed light on the importance of making the right investment property buy, review three dominant purchasing scenarios: pre-construction, realtor-driven and for sale by owner and discuss the importance of a home or apartment inspection.

Many real estate experts always quote that the money is made in ‘the buy’ in any real estate deal. The main reason being if you can get the property for a good enough price, then if required, you’d likely be able to sell it for a profit in the right market.

In addition to the philosophy that the buy is central to real estate prowess, there are a number of buying scenarios that one could take.  Although buying a place pre-construction, with a realtor or from an owner are all very different home-buying methods, each has its pros and cons.

Finally, before any deal closes, getting a home inspection is a great way to have an unbiased professional review the property and provide a ‘report card’ on any ‘buyer beware’ items or small issues.

Buying a flip at the right price, in the right way and with the right safeguards in place is an excellent way to approach any house-flipping adventure in real estate.

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