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Let's face it, you can even learn about house flipping on TV.  Chronicling the lives and livelihoods of house flippers, A&E, TLC, Bravo and HGTV all feature TV shows dedicated to house flipping. 

Now house flippers can indulge themselves day and night in the world of property turnovers, renovation triumphs and real estate debacles with a side of drama to boot.

Here is a sampling:


Show: Flipping Out
On Air: Yes, on Bravo, show premiers July 31 '07 10/9c
Summary: With the help of his unlikely team, Jeff and LA-based real estate investor flips six houses simultaneously while fitting in time to for spiritual guidance and acupuncture --for his cat. 
House Flip Kudos (out of 10): not yet rated

Show: Flip This House
On Air: Yes, on A&E, Saturdays 9/8c
Summary: A self-proclaimed hour-long 'docu-soap',  this house flipping drama follows two teams of flippers in the so-called hot markets of San Antonio and Atlanta.
House Flip Kudos (out of 10): 6

Show: Flip That House
On Air: Yes, on TLC, Saturday 10/9c
Summary: Not to be confused with Flip This House, Flip That House is a half-hour reality show pursuing a different flip and house flipping team every week .
House Flip Kudos (out of 10): 6

Show: The Real Deal
On Air: Yes, on TLC, Saturdays at 9/8c
Summary: After spending a season or two on TLC's Flip This House, the Trademark Properties team landed their own show which provides an in-depth look at the importance of 'the buy' and renovating wisely in a short timeframe.
House Flip Kudos (out of 10): 6


Show: The Big Flip
On Air: Yes, on HGTV, Sundays 6.30am
Summary: How many houses can you flip in 12 months?  Randy Mackay and John Stassen are the two men who try and take on this challenge and attempt to make a profit while doing it.
House Flip Kudos (out of 10): 3


Show: The Block
On Air: Sadly no. Only had a two-season run.
Summary: Four couples are selected to work on individual units in a four-unit building.  They must renovate 1 room per week; each week a real estate guru chooses the best room.  Once all the rooms are complete, each suite is sold at auction. The couple whose suite goes for the highest price-point wins and gets the cash above and beyond the initial assessed value. 
House Flip Kudos (out of 10): 10!

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